Wednesday, July 09, 2014

How I can motivate myself to work hard?

When I find I am not motivated to begin a project, I first spend a few minutes thinking what is the first thing that needs to be done if I were to start. No matter how small a task it is, that is where I start, and I will do whatever is necessary to accomplish it. 

For example: I needed to go through three years of legal papers, receipts, tax stuff, a huge, mixed bag. It accumulated due to an illness from which I recovered. It all needed to be looked at and either filed away or discarded. 

After thinking about it, I realized I needed a file box and file folders; an indelible pen to label them and a highlighter to call out dates on forms; and a stapler. I took a ride to the stationary store and bought everything except file folders. Those I knew I had and after a 10 minute search in my back room, I found them. I also got out the shredder while I was up there.

I made a project out of just setting up. It was something I did not mind doing. But once I had everything I needed, shredder, trash can, recycle bin, file boxes, blank files, the copier, the stapler, marking pens, I was able to start. I set everything up in front of the TV, tuned in to the ball game, and opened the first shoe box of receipts. After identifying the item it represented, I created a file for that subject, stuck the receipt in it, stuck the file in the file box, and picked out the second slip of paper. Suddenly, I was on a roll, and finished this enormous job in two weeks. 

In summary, my suggestion is, break the job down into smaller, easy to accomplish tasks.

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