Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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I am 35 and I haven't achieved much in life. Is it too late?

At age 36, I had a net worth of about $50,000 and was hired as the head of data processing by a Fortune 500 company.  At 38, I was fired.  I had always been envious of those who sat outside my walnut paneled office writing programs for a living, even thought I had never earned a dollar designing or writing computer programs.  I decided that rather than getting on the CIO merry-go-round, I would become a programmer trainee at a greatly reduced income.  Within a few years, I founded a software development company that specialized in building statement systems for major U.S. banks.  My company employed about eight programmers who, according to my design, developed a system that many banks paid my company to install. By my 57th birthday, I was an expert programmer, had an eight-digit net worth, and was retired.  The key ingredient in this success was my ability to become and remain intensely focused and committed.  Get busy!

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